Where Are the Leaked 2013 Grammy Nominee Submission Lists?

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Looking for the leaked 2013 Grammy submission lists? You’re not alone. The process of selecting the 2013 Grammy nominees is well underway, and normally by now, the submissions lists containing the thousands of potential nominees have been leaked and posted online.

But this year, there aren’t any leaks, as far as we can tell. The Recording Academy, for whatever reason, is determined to keep these lists from being made public. Why isn’t exactly clear, since other award shows freely release their submission lists. But the Grammys have always been secretive like that.

The closest thing we have to a leak so far are some unverified comments from folks in the Gold Derby and ATRL Grammy forums in which they have produced submission information for specific artists.

Until and unless the 2013 Grammy forms leak, we’ll just have to be content to make our own 2013 Grammy predictions. In addition to those mentioned in our original post, we now believe Taylor Swift and Frank Ocean will be multiple nominees. Swift was just named co-host of the Grammy nomination ceremony on December 5 with LL Cool J.

Who do you think will end up with the most nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards?

Last Updated on February 5, 2024

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