2025 Grammy Predictions: Taylor Swift, Green Day, Beyonce, and the List of Contenders

The 2024 Grammy Awards are not the far in the rear view mirror, but believe it or not, we’re already well into the eligibility period for the next Grammys!

So let’s start making some 2025 Grammy predictions.

Eligibility Window for 2025 Grammys

The eligibility period for the ’25 Grammys runs from September 16, 2023 to August 30, 2024. So we’re already more than halfway through the Grammy year. How crazy is that?

We keep advocating for the Grammys to extend their eligibility window through the end of November, so that the Grammy year more accurately reflects the calendar year. Instead, they’re going in the opposite direction, which is disappointing.

Nonetheless, that’s the eligibility period. So who will be eligible? Let’s discuss the contenders.

2025 Grammy Predictions: Leading Contenders

taylor swift 2025 grammy predictions
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Taylor Swift

Many thought Swift might finally take a bit of a break after capturing her record fourth Album of the Year win. Instead, she announced a brand new album in April called The Tortured Poets Department.

It set all sorts of sales records, and earned Swift the top 14 slots on the Hot 100, a record.

Though some critics say the album (a whopping 31 tracks, counting the extended edition) is too long, you can bet it will be in the running for several major categories at the 2025 Grammy Awards. Swift has 14 career Grammys and ranks #7 on our list of artists most likely to catch Beyonce’s record of 32 Grammys. She’s also a likely Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee someday.


The Queen surprised the world during the Super Bowl by dropping two new songs and teasing an upcoming album, Cowboy Carter, that goes on heavy on country music while also weaving in pop, R&B and hip hop.

Will this be the one that finally wins her Album of the Year? The jury is still out. But the bouncy, hummable “Texas Hold ‘Em” could definitely get some Grammy love. It will be interesting to see if that track is nominated in the country categories.

Ariana Grande

Any list of 2025 Grammy predictions has to include Ariana Grande. She shot to #1 in January with “Yes, And?,” and the full album Eternal Sunshine saw a March release.

Grande has had a love-hate relationship with the Grammys, but she has 15 career nominations and two wins, including Best Pop Vocal Album in 2019 for Sweetener. Expect her to be in the mix in the pop categories once again.

Green Day

The pop-punk trio returned to their roots with the single “The American Dream is Killing Me,” a catchy, bratty track that reunited the band with their former producer Rob Cavallo. The song and its album Saviors should catch Grammy voters’ attention in 2025.

Green Day have won both Album and Record of the Year at the Grammys, for American Idiot and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” respectively. They should earn nods in the Rock or Alternative fields.

Kacey Musgraves

On Grammy weekend, Kacey Musgraves teased her sixth album Deeper Well, which is set for release this year. Kacey has been going in more of a pop direction on her recent records. Will this one continue that trend?

Musgraves has always been a Grammy favorite, from the moment her debut Same Trailer Different Park upset Swift to win the 2014 Best Country Album Grammy. She has 7 Grammys already, including one in 2024 for “I Remember Everything” with Zach Bryan.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X has 11 Grammy nominations and two wins from just two album cycles. His last single “J Christ” could get some love in the Rap or Pop fields, depending where they place it. A full album, if he delivers one, could add some additional nominations.

Dua Lipa

Fresh off the success of “Dance the Night,” three-time Grammy winner Dua Lipa has a new album coming called Radical Optimism.

The lead single “Houdini” is a likely nominee in the new Best Pop Dance Recording category.

Chris Stapleton

Nashville singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton just keeps piling up Grammys. He’s won 10 in the past decade, including two more in 2024 for “White Horse.”

His latest album Higher is almost a shoo-in for a Best Country Album nom. Whether the album produces more hit singles could determine whether it ends up in the Album of the Year field.

Nicki Minaj

After her two losses for “Barbie World,” Minaj is now 0 for 12 in her career at the Grammys. So we’re not going to predict that she’ll win anything at the 2025 Grammys.

But she could earn some nominations, given that Pink Friday 2, the follow-up to her most successful album, debuted at #1 and has produced a few hits.

Rolling Stones

The legendary Stones dropped Hackney Diamonds in October, and it’s their freshest-sounding release in years. Lead single “Angry” was already nominated for Best Rock Song at the ’24 Grammys.

The rest of the record is eligible in 2025, and it’s likely it could earn a Best Rock Album nomination, given how much love musicians have for Mick and Keith.

Justin Timberlake / *N Sync

The latest Trolls soundtrack will be eligible for the 2025 Grammy Awards, which means that *N Sync’s reunion single “Better Place” is in the running. By next year, though, it will be 14 months old, so it may feel too old.

Justin Timberlake’s solo album Everything I Thought it Was, though, will be more current. The 10-time Grammy winner could be a contender again, unless voters are turned off by the recent accusations that he mistreated Britney Spears years ago during their relationship.

Timberlake’s Forget Tomorrow World Tour has been well-received. Read our review of his concert in Seattle.

Other Contenders

In the Rap field, 21 Savage’s new album could earn a nomination. PinkPantheress may also be considered for Rap categories and for Best New Artist. Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s feud could lead to some interesting Grammy competition.

Doja Cat may be in the running if she can spawn more hits from Scarlet. Megan Thee Stallion and Jack Harlow have both scored hits early in 2024, so they’ll be in the running as well.

Tate McRae and Renee Rapp could both be considered in the Pop field, but they’ll have to sustain their success over the rest of the year to stay in the voters’ minds.

Troye Sivan, a two-time nominee for “Rush,” will be eligible for the full album Something to Give Each Other. But that album may be old news by the time 2025 rolls around.

Former Grammy darlings Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Gary Clark, Jr., and Norah Jones all have new music coming, so don’t rule them out.

And Andre 3000’s instrumental flute album could end up in the one of the genre categories, such as Best New Age Album.

Artists Who Will Be Contenders if They Release New Music This Year

There’s a large group of artists who will be Grammy contenders in 2025 if they release new albums. But we’re still waiting to find out for sure when their new music might drop.

Topping this list is Billie Eilish, who has won nine Grammys in just five years. Word is that she’s planning a new record, which will surely put her back in Grammy consideration.

Another 2025 Grammy prediction: Bad Bunny will be in contention if he issues a new album.

So will Phoebe Bridgers, who just won three Grammys with Boygenius and one as a solo artist. She’s a critical favorite and will likely be nominated again as soon as she releases a new record.

And don’t count out Lana Del Rey, who has been issuing new albums almost every year. Though she hasn’t yet won a Grammy, she has 11 career nominations, and she figures to be in contention again.

What are your 2025 Grammy predictions? Leave a comment and let us know!

Last Updated on May 3, 2024

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